Primaveravan 2019

Promotional animated video for the annual festival of camper vans in Spain in 2019.

Birobi spot

I was commissioned to produce a short spot for Birobi services for their social media.

Ibm – Smartcities

IBM Smartcity Student Project IBM has been working on a concept called a SmartCity and would like to unveil it to the world. SmartCity is stillunder development, so the spot would showcase&h…

Everlearn Student Project – Design Bootcamp Style frames/storyboard for a :15 TV is a startup offering a new model of online teaching. They want to provide effective ed…

Premium beat

Premium Beat “The Perfect Song” For the final project in Design Bootcamp I had the chance to design a whole fictional explainer video for the company Premium Beat. The spot is called “The&…


In collaboration with Isa de Diego I had the opportunity to make two scenes in this video.

Motion Graphics Practice

Motion Graphics requires daily practice. Some of the following are made in School Of Motion as speculative work and others are from self-taugth ideas.

Be The Ice Sculptor

The final School Of Motion project, the phylosophy behind the course is to not focus on the tool to animate but to learn the craft. It was a very nice experience…

Sprint unlimited

The brief was to create an style frame to give a visual direction to develop an animated ad. Sprint is launching an ad campaign to promote it’s “Unlimited Data” plans,…